Government Shutdown?

You may have seen that posting going around claiming that 271 Republicans voted "Yes" to "Keeping Government Running" and 229 Democrats voted "No". And it even claimed that this website was publishing that data. That's just BONKERS.


Where'd these numbers come from? No clue. These numbers are the real fake news.

224 Republican House members voted yes "to keep the government running"? Nope.

186 Democrat House members voted  no "to keep the government running"? Nope.


Actual Facts:

On January 3rd, 2019, the US House voted 241-190 to reopen the government with House Resolution 21. That included 234 Democrats voting to reopen the government and 190 Republicans voting to keep the government closed. Oops. I guess real facts get in the way sometimes.


The Republican leadership in the Republican controlled Senate? They couldn't even be bothered to have a vote.


We can have a conversation on whether or not the shutdown should be occurring, but let's at least stick to the truth and avoid lies and deceipt about what's actually happening.